Navigator - Flak Jacket

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The Navigator - Flak Jacket whistle by Perfect mARC is bad ass, period.  Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized using our unique multi-layer process, Navigator - Flak Jacket can withstand conditions you train and hunt in.

The multi-layer anodizing process creates a protective barrier on the surface of aluminum.  Bonded on a molecular level, this unique camo finish is durable and wear resistant.

Designed for performance, Navigator houses a genuine ACME Tornado that ensures your dog will be able to hear the audible blast through high winds, lunging water and field trial distances.  The reliable pea-less design of this whistle guarantees it won't freeze up or stick on an icy hunt. 

Care and cleaning has never been easier.   With the ability to disassemble and clean the precision fit components you'll be able to keep your Navigator - Flak Jacket at peak performance.

It's time to level up to a whistle worthy of your dogs.

Distinct Features

  • Anodized camo aluminum components
  • Disassembles for service and cleanability
  • Optimized acoustic horn design
  • Genuine ACME Tornado whistle
  • Integrated rubber grip ring
  • Personalize with various whistle and grip ring colors (sold separately)
  • Assembled in the USA


    Technical Documentation
      Product Brochure
      Service and Care Guide
      Disassembly and Reassembly Video
      Specification Sheet
      Sound File (ACME Tornado)