General Questions

I'm new to retriever training and I don't understand some of the terminology?

We're here to help.  Download this helpful list of Retriever Training Glossary of Terms to get familiar with common training terms. 


Navigator Whistles

What makes Navigator whistles different?

What makes Navigator truly unique is its quality and durability. It’s components are crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and high density acrylic, materials making this whistle rugged enough to survive the harsh conditions you train and hunt in.  Watch the video to learn more.

How does the Navigator whistle perform?

Designed for performance, Navigator houses the extremely loud ACME Tornado whistle which can be heard through high winds, lunging water and field trial distances. The reliable pea-less design of this whistle guarantees it won't freeze up or stick on an icy hunt.

How do I disassembly my Navigator whistle?

Watch this video or review the care guide for instructions.


How do I install the whistle grip on my Navigator whistle?

Simply slide the flexible whistle grip over the mouthpiece of the ACME whistle. Because the fit is very tight you may need to lubricate the whistle grip with warm soapy water to ease in installation.

Which Navigator whistle is right for me?

The virtually indestructible all aluminum metal series is great for hunt tests and hunting scenarios and comes in unique finishes. The lightweight acrylic series is great for long training days and preferred by most pros.


RTS (Remote Throwing System)

What makes the Perfect mARC launcher different than the existing wingers on the market?

Patented design features that enhance throwing performance, increase trigger reliability and make is easy to stow and transport.  Full features and benefits are illustrated on the product page.


How long does it take to set up a Perfect mARC Remote Throwing System?

Perfect mARC wingers set up quickly, see the competitive comparison video.


Does the launcher come with electronics?

Launchers come ready to work with common remote release electronics but the release electronics must be purchased separately.


How do I switch polarity for electronics?

Dogtra, GARMIN/Tritronics and Sport Dog work without having to switch polarity, another great benefit of using a solenoid.


What electronics are compatible with the Perfect mARC Throwing System?

Dogtra, GARMIN/Tritronics and Sport Dog.  When using Sport Dog, be sure to use the solenoid port (outlined white port).


How often do I need to replace my elastics?

This depends on several factors which affect the latex elastic life cycle.  We recommend replacing elastics yearly to ensure safe and consistent performance of your launcher.


How do I know if I need to replace my elastics?

Our unique orange elastics make it easier to identify damage.  This makes it easy for you to maintain your launcher keeping it safe for all users.  Any significant wear or cracking indicates replacement is needed.


Can I use aftermarket or competitor elastics?

Using aftermarket elastics is NOT recommended.  Our elastics are made using a superior process to inexpensive exercise bands.  We fine tune our elastics lengths based on measured diameters to ensure the trigger forces are consistent, making ours the most reliable on the market.  Our industry leading two year trigger warranty is dependent on using genuine Perfect mARC service parts.


Do you sell bulk elastics?

Yes, contact us for pricing on minimum 100 ft lengths.   These elastics will arrive with cut length guidelines based on the batch certified diameter measurement from our supplier.


How will my remote throwing system arrive?

The Perfect mARC remote throwing system was designed to be flat packed for easy and cost effective shipping, therefore the product requires some assembly.  A video and instructions will guide you through the ½ hour assembly process.


How do to I operate my launcher after assembly?

A step by step video will guide you through the process of setting up the launcher, securing the pouch to the trigger, hooking the elastics and placing the projectile.  After launch you’ll see how to retract, stow and fold up the launcher for easy transport.


Does the launcher have report capability?

Yes, a standard 209 primer port is located in line with the trigger arm.


Can I dry fire my Perfect mARC Throwing System?

It is not recommended.  There is a tremendous amount of energy that transfers to the projectile.  If none is present (as in a dry fire) the energy is transferred to the pouch and other parts of the launcher.  This can cause premature wear and is considered unintended use which voids the warranty.


How much does the Perfect mARC Remote Throwing System weigh?

Our wingers are built to survive the toughest conditions.  We over engineered this product on purpose.  Therefore, they weigh more then GU and ZW, period.  We have thicker frame tubing, larger diameter fasteners, and thicker gauge sheet metal to stand up to the abuse in the field.  No hinges, no plastic connect clips, no bendable leg clips, no stickers to fade and peel, just battle tough components.  Mass specifications are maintained on the specification sheet located on the product page.